The Top 6 Tips for creating a consistent Instagram feed

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Using Instagram to advertise and promote your business has become increasingly popular over the last year, with over 8 million active business accounts. This has created a competitive marketplace, in which you have to be able to out market your competitors. One way of doing this, is to maintain a consistent Instagram feed, that also looks great and shares your brand to other users. You need to be able to create a consistent feed, that doesn’t simply spam your followers, but also offers value. Here are some tips as to how you can do just that!

1.   Create and design all of your posts ahead of time.

By creating your posts ahead of time, you are able to make sure your content is not rushed. This allows you to design and edit high quality photos for you followers, rather than spamming them with posts that they don’t want to see, or has little to no relevance to your brand. Really think this through before creating posts. Offering value to your audience is far more important than simply posting, just to post!

2.   When you’re not posting, make use of Instagram stories.

You don’t have to post 20 images a day to gain a reputation on Instagram. Stories are becoming more and more popular! Make sure you utilise Instagram stories, even more on days that you’re posting. You can use Instagram stories to engage with your followers in many ways. You can create questions for them to answer, post new content about particular products, or even have a guest speaker to run your story for a day to engage with all your followers.

3.   Know when to post

One thing you don’t want to do, is post at random times every time. Figure out when your audience is online and when your audience is consuming your content. Then, schedule your posts around that.

4.   Make sure all of your posts maintain a theme

Make sure all of your posts relate to a particular theme that links with your business. If you randomly start posting about a completely different topic, your followers might get confused and the quality of your content will go down. You have to make sure that each post you create always links back to the product you are selling. One quick tip to help you stay on brand, on theme and relevant to your business is to pick 5 categories you’ll talk about. Stick to those 5 categories when planning your posts.


5.   Use hashtags

Using hashtags on your posts is a great way to promote your product to people who are interested. Again, sticking with the example of a bakery, if you were to #doughnuts for a post on doughnuts people who are interested will see that on their feed, allowing you to connect with people who would be interested in your product!

6.   Don’t spam

Although you want to maintain a consistent feed, you don’t want to spam your followers. Make sure you don’t post TOO MUCH content on your feed. You don’t need to be posting everyday, jsut ot have an image up on your feed. Take your time and build a following through the use of quality content. You want to offer value before anything else!


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