3 Tips to use your Phone's Camera to take Great Pictures

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Step one: Mastering the Selfie

A few tips for taking the perfect selfie:

  1. Check your lighting, if you are indoors turn slowly around in a circle until you get the best level of light and dark. When outdoors your best lighting is typically going to be with the sun behind you vs in front of you.

  2. Angle the phone slightly above your head, so the picture is being taken from above you, this will help slim out your neck and prevent you from appearing as though you have two chins, when you only have one.

  3. Rather than taking the picture of your face straight on in profile, take it from the side at an angle, it will help give movement to the photo, and bring more life to your selfie.

  4. Check your posture, extend your head up, this will ensure the natural shadowing along your face doesn’t leave you looking tired.

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Bonus: When taking a selfie be sure to check your background, before you post or share, you don’t want to accidentally share a picture with something unseemly in the background. Finally, never take a picture of yourself using a mirror reflection, if you are trying to show off a full body image, invest in a phone stand or one of those really awesome extendable selfie sticks.

Selfies are a great way for collecting images of hair styles and makeup, work stations, behind-the-scenes. Once you’ve mastered taking pictures of yourself it is time to move on to taking pictures of other people. Fortunately, you don’t need a fancy camera to take fancy studio pictures any more. There are so many simple, cheap, and fun ways to design your own backdrops, find a spot with good lightingq or if you don’t have good lighting it is really easy to create with a couple of lamps, mirrors, and umbrellas.

Step two: Creating the perfect backdrop

There are so many different types of backdrops you can create, and multiple diy how to’s out on the web.

Some of the more inexpensive ones include:

Creating a wall of paper link chains.

This is a great option as you can create a backdrop to host whatever color you want. You can even get festive with it, and create different backdrops depending on the holiday or season.

Want something a little less time consuming? What about using those plastic table clothes you can purchase at the dollar store. You can purchase them in so many different colors, they even have silver and gold. For those who want to add some glamour. Check out this super easy tutorial for how to do it.

Indoor photos make it easier to take photos as you have better control of the light, but sometimes it is nice to have that beautiful outdoor background or action shot to showcase your style. We have discussed selfies and indoor backdrops, now it is time for us to get into the nitty gritty of the outdoor shot. Probably the most difficult shot to get just right, the outdoors provides lots of opportunity to bring fun and action to your stock photo collection.

Step 3: Tips for Getting the Perfect Outdoor Photo

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  1. Just like with the selfie you want to make sure you have good lighting. The best times of day for doing photos outside are about an hour or two after sunrise and an hour or two before sunset. The way the sun’s rays are angled upon the earth at these times of day, provide just the right amount of shadow, and the right amount of brightness to create worlds of emotion.

  2. When taking action shots, try taking a motion image in order to get the best angle and moment within the action being captured.

  3. Take pictures in the shade or with the sun behind the person or thing you are taking a picture of.

  4. Don’t be afraid to play with your phones filter settings, to get rid of unwanted glare.

Technology is a beautiful thing, and what is the point of having these great cameras in our phones if we are not using them for all that they can do. Part of my job is going through stock photos to find the best ones to suit my customers needs. However, wouldn’t it be great if we could all have our own little pile of stock photos we took ourselves, so we didn’t have to waste time looking for just the right one? Having our own images also adds a bit more personality to our social media.

As your building your own catalog of stock photos, you may want to check out this awesome stock photo site Ivory Mix. It is where I get most of my photos that I use.

Have any tips to share about taking your own stock images? Share in the comments below.