How to Create a Website in Canva

Create a Presentation/Website Page in Canva

Want to create a beautiful website without the help and expense of a designer? You can create a ‘‘website’’ and PRESENTATION for free in Canva by using their templates. I am going to walk you through the steps using Canva’s templates.

Creating a website with canva

Click here to view the tutorial video.

First, you will need a Canva account

You can sign up for the free account using your social media log in or email. There is also an option to upgrade to a pro account, ‘‘Canva for Work’’. I suggest doing the free 30 day trial to use all of the ‘Canva for Work’’ features, just remember to keep track of when your trial ends so you don’t get charged unless you want to.

Click here to create your very own Canva account.

Start with the Presentation (16:9) Template

Select the 16:9 ratio Presentation template. Next, choose one of the designs from the left-hand navigation menu. You will be able to customize this once it is selected.

First, I adapt the colors to fit my brand. I have already saved the hex colors so I can select them easily. To change the colors, click on the background of the template. Then click on the little square color on the horizontal adjustment menu.
Free Account Tip: From there, you can input your own hex colors and it will save in the quick access menu.

For the fonts, I am using Canva’s fonts since Canva doesn’t allow yet to share Canva links with custom fonts. If you do decide to use your custom fonts and try to share your link, you will get an error.

Adding Images

In my tutorial video, I show you how I create an About Me section. I replaced a stock image with an image of myself. To add your own image, delete the current image on the page. Then select the uploads icon on the left-hand side menu. Upload your image and then click on it to insert it onto the template. From there you will be able to adjust the size, rotation, and any filters you find necessary.

Adding Buttons

To add a button for people to click on, go into the elements tab on the left-hand side menu. Choose a shape that matches the type of button you want. I use rectangles throughout my site, but feel free to be creative and design your own buttons. Adjust the colors to match your brand and then add text.

To make the button a working button, highlight the text with your mouse and click the link icon in the top menu next to the delete icon. In the pop-up box, enter the URL link of where you are wanting to direct the reader to when they click that button.

Ready to Publish Your Template

Once you are satisfied with the look of your website or landing page templates, it is time to save them and publish them. To do this, select the Publish button at the top with the drop down arrow. Scroll all the way down until you find the website option. I suggest going with the scrolling option. Then select open website. Test all the links in your template to make sure they work before you start sharing your new ‘‘website’’.

You are now ready to share your website. Simply highlight the URL and share away.

Presentation Canva Template

Making your template Mobile Friendly

In my tutorial video, I show you that on my website there is a section that says “Are you viewing this on mobile? Click here.”

Once you’ve created your desktop version, it is time to create the mobile version. Be sure you save your desktop template BEFORE you re-size. Now to re-size your template.

If you are on the Canva for Work option, select the re-size button at the top. Choose the custom dimension option. You are going to use 1080x1920. This is the same size as the Instagram Stories templates. You will need to adjust everything throughout the template to make sure it is being viewed how you want.

If you are on the free account option, you will need to design a mobile-version of your website or landing page using a custom dimension template. You are going to use 1080x1920 for your dimensions. I would also suggest creating this during your 30 day trial period so you can use the paid option features.

Saving Your Mobile Version Template

When you are ready to publish, hit publish and choose the scrolling website option. You will open the website and make sure all the links are working correctly and everything looks good. Don’t forget to add your mobile link into your desktop version (see video for more details) so your visitors can visit both your desktop and mobile version.

Get Creative in Canva

I would love for you to share your links. Comment your questions below and I would be happy to provide feedback.

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