Writing the Perfect Instagram Bio for your Business Account

In the Intensive Social Ninjas Instagram Course, Sandie DeMarco and I covered this subject in detail… but today, I am sharing with you a few great tips we shared during our course last week. Get a pen and paper, let’s go!

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’You only have 7 seconds to make an impression - let’s make it a good one!’’

Your bio is a first impression! This is where your audience will find out what you do and who you serve. This is also where they’ll have access to your link. Basically, when they look at your bio, they’ll determine if they want to be a part of your community and if they feel like it’s worth their time to click that link!

Here are some tips to create a great bio

Your bio photo.
Most of us doing business online have personal brands. As a pesonal brand, it’s super important that you show your face. It’s important that your audience get to see you is behind this business. Seeing your face is an element that will play a big role in their trust in you. People don’t resonate as much with a logo, but they will automatically feel more connected to your, being seeing your beautiful face. Make this photo fun and clear.
Ninja Tip: the photo size is 110x110

This is the bold font next to your bio photo. This bold print is important because this text is searchable! Use keywords here. You only get 30 charachters, use them wisely. Use that searchable text to your advantage. What would your ideal client search on Instagram? Please don’t use this room to enter your name. Most of our audience probably doesn’t know our name. For example: I use Canva to create graphics. My ideal clients are probably searching for graphics, designs or Canva, so I used: Canva Graphic Designer.


Use this space to specify who you are, what you do and who you specifically serve. Your format can be bullet point style or sentances. You get 150 characters in this space, so be condensed and use those characrers wisely too! You can use emojis for fun or to be professional (diamonds, squares for bullet points), but either way, make sure that you bring some of your personality into your bio. This is YOUR bio! Make sure people can feel your vibe.
Ninja Tip: Start by sharing your credibility first.

Did you know? You can use hashtags in your bio! Sandie recommends to only use your branded hashtags, because you don’t want to send people away from your community.

If you are a Business, trying to doing business on IG, you should be using the Business Account feature. This can be set up in your settings. This step is important as it will give you a few extra useful features to help you run your business on IG. You will get insights and some extra contact buttons.

Be sure to use those contact buttons! You want to make sure you are making it easy for your audience to get in touch with you.

Use a link as a CTA.
Instagram only lets you add on link at a time. So make this count! Of course, you can change it often to coincide with posts in your feed. But you can also use something like linktree where you can have one link and several options for your audience to choose from. You can also hold that ‘‘linktree’’ like link on your own website to keep the traffic on your website instead. (this is what I suggest).
It’s important that you add a CTA right above that link, so your audience knows exactly what step you want them to take… remember, you want to make your audience’s journey as easy as possible.


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