What, Why and How to use Mockups

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I see this way too often! People have great Lead Magnets / eBook / Worksheets they want to share with their ideal clients and audience, yet they don't have any marketing graphics to promote it. Let’s dive into mockups and marketing of your freebies!

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What are marketing graphics?

Marketing graphics are graphics to help you promote either your services, your freebies, your products or your upcoming events and courses. They usually display what it is that you are trying to promote or will share valuable information in order to ‘’sell’’ what you are trying to sell.

Why should you have marketing graphics?

You should be using marketing graphics like mockups if…

  • You want to attract your ideal clients' eyes to your stuff. Stop the scroll!

  • You want to make it inviting to download your freebie or purchase wtv you are selling.

  • You want to show what your clients get for signing up. People are curious and before they give you their email address, they want to know what they are signing up for.

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Where should you use marketing graphics?
This is one of the questions I get asked the most. ‘’Once I have the graphics, what do I do with them?’’ Your marketing material can be used just about anywhere but here are a few ideas: On any and all social media platform

  • On your website

  • In Facebook and Instagram stories

  • In networking groups (where allowed to share)

  • On your landing pages or sales pages

Mockups are a great addition to any marketing strategy. They really help you show case, promote and tell your audience what you are trying to sell. Giving them that visual of what they get if they download, purchase or sign up for your offer, really helps them click ‘’that’’ button.

Do you use mockups in your in business? If not... hit me up so we can get you started!