Pinterest Basics for Business Owners - by Raquell Lanette

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine, but it is unique in that it is a visual search engine that allows users to share visual content, similar to Instagram. However, every Pin you upload to Pinterest can be linked back to your website, content, or product. 

Why should an entrepreneur use Pinterest?

  1. Grow your email list

  2. Increase brand awareness

  3. You can sell both products and services

Pinterest is the perfect hybrid of search engines and social media. The algorithm is set up so that if people are searching for a service or product you provide, you will show up in their feed. The algorithm helps you reach people who are looking for you! 

Is Pinterest good for any type of business? 

Pinterest is good for EVERY type of business. Every business can find a use for it but the question you should ask yourself is if “your customer / your ideal client” is on Pinterest. And the reason why I say this is because if your client is NOT on Pinterest, you can use Pinterest to showcase your work and what you specialize in, but I wouldn’t hire a Pinterest manager, nor would I pay for something like Tailwind or run ads on Pinterest if that’s not where your client is. Find out where your client is and that’s where you should focus the bulk of your time. But I will say, if you’re a blogger - you need to be on Pinterest. If you sell a product, you need to be on Pinterest

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What should a business owner pin?

The purpose of your Pinterest business account is to attract your ideal client. That means you need to pin what your “client” will be looking for - not what YOU need or what YOU will be looking for. The point of your account is to target THEM. If you are a social media manager pinning about recipes - that’s not for your client - that’s for you. When you pin you need to focus on what problem your client is trying to solve? What do they need? What questions are they asking? In addition, share other people’s content. If you only pin and promote “your” stuff - it becomes spammy. So make sure you pin other pinners helpful information as well.

How often should we pin and why?

The one thing about Pinterest is that it wants to see you pinning on a routine basis. Pinterest wants you to be consistent. This means blogging at least once a week or pinning a product at least once a week from YOUR website but pinning something every day!! Pinning only once a month or sharing others content only once a month looks like an inactive account. The number of pins you pin a day is not as important as being consistent and pinning “something” every day. So, if you are a new blogger or business owner and you don’t have a lot of content, this is why using a scheduling tool can help your account stay active consistent because as long as you keep your queue full, you’re always pinning, even if it’s only 3-4 pins a day. 

Any tools to help with pins + pinning?

Tailwind for scheduling and Canva for pin creation. 

How to not get stuck in a black hole! 

Have two different accounts: one for your personal use and one for your business. When you are on Pinterest for your “business” use your business account and conduct business and nothing else. When you want to search for make-up or hairstyles or recipes, use your personal account and have fun being sucked down the rabbit hole. 

The beauty of the Pinterest algorithm is that your feed is curated based on what you search for. So if you make the mistake of looking for hairstyles when you’re on your business account, but your business has NOTHING to do with hairstyles, Pinterest’ algorithm is going to start putting hairstyle pins in your feed and that’s not what you want. 

If you could give just 1 tip for Pinterest, what would it be?

Be consistent. Pin a minimum of 3-5 pins every day to a board on your account every day even if it’s not yours. 

Any good resources to learn more about Pinterest?

If you want to read about Pinterest you can go to my blog on my website. I have several blog posts about Pinterest. If you are a business owner and you want to learn how to manage your own Pinterest account I would try a course by Carly Bell called Pinteresting Strategies. It’s a really good course and it’s only $47.00. I’ve taken it myself. You can also listen to Simple Pin Media’s podcast hosted by Kate Ahl. She’s one of the gurus, if not THE guru of Pinterest Strategy and Management and releases a podcast episode every week. 

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