Create Story Templates that you LOVE

Today we’re here to do a mini training on instagram stories!

You’ll be learning:
1- How to save time
2- Create Instagram Templates for your Stories
3- How to use and re-use them.

Blog Banner Mini Training

Over the past few weeks, you guys told me that you've been struggling with Instagram Stories. ‘’How the heck I brand stories?’’ or ‘’How can I create templates that are done easily and quickly.’’

Well! Let's get started!

Step 1 - The Search Bar

Step 1 - The Search Bar

1- When you go to your Canva home page, you should have a search bar, in the middle screen. I want you to start typing Instagram. You will have two suggested options: Instagram Post and Instagram stories.

2- We’re talking about Instagram Stories today, so click on that one. It should open up a brand new design with the right dimensions for stories.
Ninja tip: Any stories you create can be use for both Instagram stories and Facebook stories.

3- Canva has different categories for story templates: You’ll find Quote Instagram Story, Sale, Minimalist, Summer, Travel, Animals... If you're looking for something specific, simply choose that category.

4- Watch the video tutorial before for the hands-on training. My goal here is for you to create a template you can use and re-use. That way, you won’t need to go back into Canva everytime you want a story template or design. This is a time saving training.

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