How unhappy clients can make your business better!

Life is all about perspective. I am a strong beleiver in this!
Of course I prefer positive experiences, but negative ones are the ones that teach me the most. 
Is it just me?

Unhappy clients are often seen as ''bitchy'', ''annoying'', ''hard to satisfy''... But I'd like you to try to rethink those unhappy clients experiences you've had...
➡️ Did they have anything in common?
➡️ Did you learn from this experience?
➡️ Did you change anything in your biz after dealing with a difficult or unhappy client?

Unhappy clients will cross your path. I suggest that you take every single one of them as a learning experience. When you deal with an unhappy client, ask yourself ... What can I learn from this? What needs to change for me to GROW and be BETTER?

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